About Us

We are a great school that has been around for a long time.

Vivek University is one of the largest and most dynamically developing universities, offers innovative solutions in education and a friendly space for research.

University employees, students and young scientists, working individually and in teams, take up topics that are important from the perspective of the region, country and the world. They study life on land and under water, analyze climate change, and look for solutions to combat poverty, hunger and social inequalities.

They have an impact on building the cities and societies of the future. The results of their research contribute to the improvement of the conditions and quality of life of other people. They develop more effective drugs and modern materials, and research the world and national cultural heritage.

They teach critical thinking, sensitivity to words and tenacity in asking questions. They create art and participate in numerous artistic events. They act responsibly, creatively and boldly, and they eagerly talk about their scientific passions, spreading knowledge and educating future generations. By expanding the boundaries of the known, they are not afraid to change the reality that surrounds us.